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 This is the wonderful Ireland !!! "



                                                                  Riverdance yes



       Le show le plus incroyable de l'histoire du spectacle



                                                                       Con BerkeryCon Berkery
What Irish person could watch this and not feel massively proud of our unbelievable culture?!! Easily the most sensational performance of any description put together on these shores..


                           Dance yes

                                                                                               CLIC !!!







                                                     Site artist adviser :  Jean Butler  Jean butler 1" Jee  " Jean 001



                                                   Site realizer : Jean - Paul Perrier Jean paul 101" Jee Pee "  Top hat


Lets dance !!!


                                Ireland , so beautiful


                                         and so beloved Ireland ...   




              "           Hello Privas folk !!!


                                 Jean 99



I'm " Jee " for my relatives and friends .  Sorry I don't speak french and no more write it , what a pity !!! " Jee - Pee " asked to me to do something for this site , his site . Obviously it was impossible to say " Non " to him Smiley 3LOL !!!

I have had an idea , a good idea for one time ( LOL again !!! ) . I thought it 'ld be happy to put " River dance " on his site ...I told this idea to him and he has done the job ... and I have wrote some words there ...  We have shared the work , no ? 

I must say to you  the truth . JP describes me with too many qualities , I'm not a fairy , I'm very lazy and I get up very late ...


      Let go together in an other world ... be confident , give me your hand and open your eyes ... it's Incredible ... Magical ... Unforgettable ...  Yes , truly !!! 

                                                        Friendly   Jee




                                      Jane 004


                                        And now look here after at the show ... "



                RIVERDANCE UN VOYAGE  







  le " bel oiseau d'Irlande "  

Ir 2

                 Jean Butler            




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Jb 1



et ses chevaliers volants    


 Michael Flatley 




Colin Dunne



And the dancers



Dancers s 


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "riverdance animé gif" 



                    En 1994 le monde découvrait                      


                                    "   Riverdance   "


            La première fois que nous avons vu l'inoubliable ...



    EUROVISION 1994   CLIC !!!  





                                           And after ...



                        From Radio city new york               

                Rd final 2


                                           The Final show   CLIC !!!




Afficher l'image d'origine





Img 3603 1




CLIC !!! 






                                                                                                Awesome   CLIC !!!



                                                                                          River singers  



                                     Riverdance is dancing for you   CLIC !!!  



Spring - Printemps en Irlande


River b


Printemps irlandais  CLIC !!!






The bad  boys


                                                   CLIC !!!






Michael Flaltey , the girls then ... Jean Butler appearance



                                                    CLIC !!!



                                               Fire dance


                                                             CLIC !!!








                                                   Afficher l'image d'origine



                                                                                       Wild dance


                            riverdance-1.jpg                                                                                               CLIC !!!



                           Afficher l'image d'origine







                                           The mohican theme    


                                                                                              CLIC !!!






                                                                                 Thunder storm



                                                         CLIC !!!


                                                                             Ir 5  



                                                                 The countless Katleen

                                            Joanne Doyle



                                               CLIC !!!



                                                                   Les filles et Jean Butler







                                                          Riverdance  climax

                                                  Maria Pages



                                                                                                     CLIC !!!



                            Riv 1



                                                                              " Battle "


                                        by Colin Dune



                                                 Part 1



                                                                                                                        CLIC !!! 



                                                                                         Part 2




                                                                    CLIC !!!



                                                      Reel around the sun

                                                                                                                     Colin Dune and the dancers     













                                                                                                                                                                  CLIC !!!  1


                                                                                                                                                                  CLIC!!! 2





                                                          CLIC !!!


                Ir 6



                               Happiest dancing people



        CLIC !!! Riv 2


   Finals with jean Butler and Colin Dunne


                     1996  New York 



    CLIC !!!











Et maintenant 1 h 30 DE VINGT ANS DE RIVERDANCE !!! 



Riverdance 20 ans 013




CLIC !!!







Jean b 002


Dangerous ground 030





Le spectacle complet de " Dancing on dangerous ground "



Clic ici !!!




Any show that graces the stage with more than a single light, some music played live, and other performers is the work of not only the leads, but in fact a whole team of dedicated people. "Dancing on Dangerous Ground" is no different. 

Dancers, musicians, lighting technicians, seamstresses, sound engineers, stage hands, carpenters caterers and physios are just some of the team that make this show a success. Each of these people have put their time, effort and committment onto the front line, and each of these people has played an important part in bringing this show to you.

Unfortunately it is oft forgotten that they too are critical to the presentation and success of a show. So here we will give credit to those who are the strength behind the scenes, the masters behind the music, the dedicated dancers, and the other omnipotents. Here are....

The Troupe

Acts US
Acts UK

Well here they will be as pictures are contributed! [g] Here is one that has been sent, and huge thanks to the contributor!
Colleen Farrell (left) and Colin in "bar scene" with Solas
Some of the troupe in rehearsal, from the London program.

























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